End-User Computing - Storyboard

Storyboard: Transition to BYOD and Beyond

Personal devices can be a big challenge when they are brought to work. Use this storyboard to develop a customized strategy for transitioning to a BYOD-friendly...

Storyboard: Develop & Enforce Policies that Securely Enable a Mobile Workforce

A strong set of mobile policies enables a secure and productive workforce. Use this solution set to develop a set of user and technology policies that will support a...

Storyboard: Reduce Costs Through Printer Consolidation

Use this research to help you overcome the barriers to printer consolidation and successfully reduce costs.

Implement Desktop Virtualization and Transition to Everything as a Service Storyboard

Desktop virtualization continues to evolve, offering solutions for more use cases than ever. The key to success is a carefully crafted implementation plan for your...

Seize the Potential of the Internet of Things Today – Phases 1-3

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises massive increases in efficiency, automation, and data-driven decision making. Information on the IoT is plentiful, but few...

Seize the Potential of the Internet of Things Today – Phase 1: Build a Business Case and Kick Off the Project

Develop a business case that communicates the value of the connected workplace.

Seize the Potential of the Internet of Things Today – Phase 2: Select, Analyze, and Prioritize IoT Technologies

Determine the readiness and value of potential Internet of Things initiatives.

Seize the Potential of the Internet of Things Today – Phase 3: Plan, Execute, and Support IoT Projects

Transform IoT initiatives into implementable projects.

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy – Phases 1-3

Mobile is evolving quickly. Enterprises must consider a mobile strategy to keep up. Use this blueprint to leverage the powerful potential of mobile to generate enterprise...

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy – Phase 1: Assess the Current Role of Mobility in the Organization

Understand the mobile requirements of different user groups within your organization.
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