Service Management - Tools

Service Management Agility Assessment Tool

This tool will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in components of service management agility: culture, structure, processes, and resources. Use the result from...

Service Portfolio Worksheet

Use this template to document all IT services, whether they are active, retired, in development, or just proposed.

Value Assessment Tool

Use this comprehensive value assessment tool to assess the value of the service from the lens of the organization.

Value Assessment Example Tool

Follow this example and the case study in the blueprint to understand how to conduct a value assessment.

Service Management Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to document and plan for your service management initiatives, including the processes that should be implemented or improved.

Service Management Maturity Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess your current overall service management maturity level, as well as percentage of completeness for individual processes.

Service Provider Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess current state organizational culture and structure as well as certain service management maturity levels.

Service Provider Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to plan how and when each adjustment must happen in order to achieve strategic partner.

IT Service Catalog

Use this tool to document your user-facing IT services including their technical components. The tool lists sample services as examples.

Services Definition Chart

The Services Definition Chart is where it all comes together. This chart is to be embedded into the final service catalog. It should include only information relevant to...
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