Strategy & Governance

Move from Firefighter to Reliable Operator – Phase 2: Tackle the Quick Wins

In this phase, you will gain an understanding of what constitutes as a quick win and why it will help you douse the fire. A checklist of quick wins for the four pairs of...

Digital Twin Alignment Presentation

Communicate the benefits of digital twin technology and its use cases using this template.

IT Chargeback Financial Presentation

Use Info-Tech’s IT Chargeback Financial Presentation as a vehicle to communicate service consumption to each business unit.

Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 1: Review IT Risk Fundamentals and Governance

Review the foundations of IT risk management and establish a robust governance framework.

Apply Design Thinking to Build Empathy With the Business – Phase 1: Research

This phase of the blueprint, Research, will help you target your experience design efforts towards IT's most impactful stakeholders and structure interviews to gain...

Design & Build a User-Facing Service Catalog – Phase 1: Launch the Project

The Launch the Project phase will walk you through completing Info-Tech's project charter template. This phase will help you build a balanced project team, create a...

Assert IT's Relevance During Digital Transformations – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why CIOs need to be involved in digital transformations.

Create an IT View of the Service Catalog – Phase 3: Identify Underpinning Services

This phase of the blueprint will introduce a method for finding underpinning supporting technologies and documenting them appropriately for use in the catalog.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Your Manufacturing Operations – Phase 1: Analyze Capabilities & Identify an AI Initiative

This phase of Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Your Manufacturing Operations will help you to understand the types of AI projects that your company is able to...

Customization and Personalization Capability Digest

This document will help you understand the rationale and the best practices for enhancing Customization and Personalization capability in your organization.
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