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2021 CIO Priorities Report: Priority 4 – Establish Capacity Awareness

Capacity awareness facilitates resilience by enabling proactive planning through usable resourcing data. With this data, CIOs can make better decisions on what can be...

2021 CIO Priorities Report: Priority 5 – Keep Emerging Technologies in View

Keep an up-to-date view of emerging technologies to enable resilient planning, and capitalize on and deploy leading-edge innovations as the business requires.

2021 IT Talent Trends – The Five Trends

This storyboard will help you learn what IT leaders are doing differently heading into 2021 when it comes to talent management.

2021 IT Talent Trend Report – Trend 1: DEI: A Top Talent Objective

The pandemic has given rise to many changes in the workplace. One of the shifts we have seen is the focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, spanning...

2021 IT Talent Trend Report – Trend 2: Remote Work Is Here to Stay

Forced work-from-home demonstrated to organizations that employees can be productive while working away from the physical office. Learn more about how remote work is...

2021 IT Talent Trend Report – Trend 3: A Greater Emphasis on Wellbeing

When the pandemic hit, organizations were significantly concerned about how employees were doing. How much ownership is IT taking on employee wellbeing? Learn more about...

2021 IT Talent Trend Report – Trend 4: A Shift in Skills Priorities

Upskilling and finding sought after skills were challenging before the pandemic. How has it changed since? Learn more about skills priorities in this section.

2021 IT Talent Trend Report – Trend 5: Uncertainty Unlocks Performance

Because of remote work, shifting priorities, and other changes, performance management may have shifted to align with work changes. Learn about how uncertainty has...

2021 Tech Trends Report – The Six Trends

Learn in-depth about the six key trends that will help you absorb disruption and adapt to change.

2021 Tech Trends Report – Trend 4: Distributed Autonomous Organizations

Collaborating without a central hub and taking control over the workday.
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