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CIO Trend Report 2017 – Automated Cognition

Automated Cognition is the driven by advances in AI (artificial intelligence), advanced computing resulting in enhanced algorithms, and machine learning.

CIO Trend Report 2017 – Immersive UX

Immersive User Experience (UX) is a trend that is driven by developments in augmented and virtual reality, and wearable devices.

CIO Trend Report 2017 – XaaP (Everything as a Platform)

The XaaP trend is primarily driven by the convergence between the concept of open data and the proliferation of the Application Programming Interface (API).

CIO Trend Report 2017 – Autonomous Machines

The Autonomous Machines trend is driven by advances in robotics automation, UAV/drone proliferation, and the advent of self-driving vehicles.

CIO Trend Report 2017 – Decentralized Making

Decentralized Making is a trend driven by advances in 3D printing and the desire to move towards a more distributed system of manufacturing.

Maximize Business Value from IT Through Benefits Realization – Phase 3: Ensure an Accurate Reference of Value

Re-evaluate, on a consistent basis, the accuracy of the value drivers stated in the value statement with respect to the organization’s current internal and external...

Optimize the IT Operating Model – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you optimize the current IT operating model to best support the IT and business strategy.

Optimize the IT Operating Model – Phase 1: Construct the IT Services Consumer Experience Maps

Assess the current situation by identifying technology service consumers in the organization, their interfaces with IT, the level of service they require, and their...

Optimize the IT Operating Model – Phase 2: Classify IT Service Consumers Based on Business Needs

Categorize the technology consumer groups into four business profiles based on their characteristics. Aggregate their service needs to understand consumption patterns....

Optimize the IT Operating Model – Phase 4: Create a Roadmap to Develop the Target IT Operating Model

Create, assess, and prioritize initiatives to reach the target IT operating model. Construct a roadmap to show initiative execution.
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