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Develop a Flexible IT Funding Model Storyboard

Unlock the right funding for the right initiative at the right time through a flexible IT funding model created by pulling the right flexibility levers.

Elevate Your Service Capabilities to Drive Enterprise Value – Phases 1-3

Use this blueprint to define and plan your journey to realizing Exponential IT for service management.

Prepare for AI Regulation Storyboard

Generative AI introduces new risks, and several institutions are introducing guidance or legislation to mitigate the risks involved in deploying AI-based technologies.

Establish a Roadmap for Integrated and Dynamic Risk Management – Phases 1-3

A step-by-step guide to building a roadmap of Exponential IT risk management initiatives.

Build a FinOps Strategy to Enable Dynamic Cloud Cost Management – Phases 1-3

This research helps you build FinOps processes for efficient cloud cost management and prepare to use automation for proactive cloud resource management.

FinOps Roadmap

This Excel-based roadmap tool helps track outstanding implementation activities from your FinOps project.

Implement an Adaptive System for IT Financial Management Phases 1-4

IT leaders must respond quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Drive agility in your organization’s practice of IT financial management to ensure the right...

(Re)Calibrate Your IT Workforce for AI Storyboard

This research provides a guide to help organizations determine the AI workforce competencies they need and build a prioritized plan to close their AI skills gap.

Develop an Exponential IT Roadmap – Phases 1-3

A step-by-step guide to building a roadmap of Exponential IT initiatives.

Use ChatGPT Wisely to Improve Productivity Storyboard

This CAD discusses ChatGPT for writers and content creators. We identify five forms of bias and recommend approaches to use it appropriately.
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