Applications - Storyboard

Application Portfolio Management Foundations – Phases 1-4

Application Portfolio Management Foundations establishes your core application inventory, simplified rationalization, redundancy comparison, and modernization roadmap in...

Select a Sourcing Partner for Your Development Team Storyboard

This presentation defines the steps to select a partner to best fit your sourcing needs and deliver long-term value.

Create an Agile-Friendly Project Gating and Governance Approach – Phases 1-3

Use Info-Tech’s Agile Gating Framework as a guide to gating your Agile projects following a “trust but verify” approach.

Choose Your Mobile Platform and Tools Storyboard

This blueprint helps you develop an approach to understand your mobile experience and current state of your enterprise technologies to determine the right mobile platform...

Implement a Transformative IVR Experience That Empowers Your Customers – Phases 1-4

This storyboard offers insight into impactful strategies and beneficial enabling technologies to implement in your interactive voice response (IVR) approach to improve...

Customer Relationship Management Platform Selection Guide — Phases 1-3

Enable marketing, sales, and customer service teams by successfully choosing and implementing a suite for customer relationship management.

Develop an IT Strategy to Support Customer Service Storyboard

The acceleration of ecommerce has cemented Customer Service’s digital future. Use this research to build IT’s strategy for supporting Customer Service and enhancing the...

Optimize Software Pricing in a Volatile Competitive Market Executive Brief

This Executive Brief will build your skills on how to price new products or adjust pricing for existing products. Disciplines made using our pricing methodology...

Optimize Software Pricing in a Volatile Competitive Market – Phases 1-3

This blueprint will build your skills to price new products or adjust pricing for existing ones. Disciplines made using our pricing methodology strengthen efforts to...

Develop the Right Message to Engage Buyers – Executive Brief

Drive higher open rates, time on site, and click-through rates with buyer-relevant messaging.
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