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Marketing Budget Worksheet for Software & Technology Companies

The Marketing Budget Worksheet for Software and Technology Companies is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create a marketing budget based on your annual recurring...

Brand Identity Competitive Analysis

This template aims to gain valuable insights into how your brand visually and verbally stands out or blends in with competitors. This information will help you refine...

Brand Name Generation Tracker

Use this Brand Name Generation Tracker to outline the parameters for selecting the ideal name. This tool enables you to organize and keep track of an unlimited number of...

Key Metrics Evaluation and Benchmarking Tool

The Key Metrics Evaluation and Benchmarking Tool is a comprehensive tool that allows you to compare your company's metrics to the benchmarks for your company's stage and...

Metrics Benchmarking Reference Guide

The Metrics Benchmarking Reference Guide is a convenient resource for comparing your company's performance to that of other high-growth companies.

SOV Executive Presentation Template

The purpose of the SOV campaign calendar is to document a plan for when and where the responsible party will produce and post content for the SOV campaign.

Asset Effectiveness for B2B SaaS Companies – A Comprehensive Cheat Sheet

This is a guide that content marketers can use to build the asset journey with the right data to accelerate the buyer journey. It can also be used to communicate the...

Asset Quick Start Guide

This guide serves as a checklist of what to include or avoid in each asset type. Guidance is also given to create a look and feel consistent with the brand image and...

Asset Sunsetting Tool

The Asset Sunsetting Tool provides a way to record and benchmark your asset performance against industry standards. It also guides content marketers in collecting the...

Build Vs. Buy Decision Tree

This tool is a guide to help executives decide whether individual pieces of content should be made in-house or out-of-house.
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