Business Processes - Tools

Business Process Automation Maturity Assessment Tool

This tool is leveraged as part of Develop Your Value-First Business Process Automation Strategy to help you evaluate the maturity of your BPA practice.

Scale Business Process Automation Readiness Assessment

Use this tool as part of the Scale Business Process Automation blueprint to evaluate your readiness to scale business process automation.

The ITSM Vendor Evaluation Workbook

Use this workbook to execute vendor evaluations. The workbook can be provided to your vendors to initially self-score and then be reviewed by your team; alternatively,...

Your Enterprise Application Implementation Playbook - Timeline Tool

This tool provides input into the playbook around project timelines and planning.

Get the Most Out of Your SAP Workbook

This tool accompanies Get the Most Out of Your SAP blueprint and is used to document and assist with this process.

Workday Application Inventory Tool

Use this tool to define applications and capabilities around ERP. This will be used to conduct an Application Portfolio Assessment (APA) for your ERP.

Get the Most Out of Workday Workbook

This tool accompanies Get the Most out of Workday blueprint and is used to document and assist with this process.

ACE Benefits Tracking Tool

This tool will help you track the source of each of your Agile metrics, the impacted stakeholder(s), the intended function of the metric, and its baseline measurement.

The Vendor Evaluation Workbook

Leverage a traceable and straightforward Vendor Evaluation Workbook to narrow the field of potential vendors and accelerate the application selection process.

Enterprise Software Implementation Checklist Tool

This tool helps the executive steering committee to make an informed decisions as to whether the project is ready to transition to an operational status.
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