Executive Team

Randi Amaral

Vice President, Member Services
Randi Amaral is Vice President of Member Services with Info-Tech. She’s responsible for working closely with the account management team to ensure ... Read more

Jeff Bonnell

Vice President, Human Resources
Jeff Bonnell is the Vice President of Human Resources at Info-Tech Research Group, where he leads talent acquisition strategies, learning and devel... Read more

Gina Bowen

Vice President, Marketing
Gina Bowen is the Vice President of Marketing for Info-Tech Research Group, where she is responsible for developing the marketing vision and strate... Read more

Sean Burkett

Vice President, Strategy
Sean Burkett is the Vice President of Strategy at Info-Tech Research Group, where he leads strategic analysis, planning, and project execution. ... Read more

Jeff Caughell

Chief of Staff
Jeff Caughell is Chief of Staff at Info-Tech Research Group and works with the operational side of the business to complete projects and optimize c... Read more

Gord Harrison

Senior Vice President, Research & Consulting
Gord Harrison, SVP, Research and Consulting, has been with Info-Tech Research Group since 2002. In that time, Gord leveraged his experience as the ... Read more

Davin Juusola

Senior Vice President, Growth Divisions
Davin Juusola joined Info-Tech Research Group in 1999 after working at the Business Development Bank of Canada. He has worked closely with Joel McL... Read more

Matthew Mandich

Vice President, Commercial Strategy & Sales
Matthew Mandich is Vice President of Commercial Strategy & Sales with Info-Tech; within this role, Matthew partners with Info-Tech’s product leader... Read more

Joel McLean

Founder and Chairman of the Board
Joel McLean founded Info-Tech Research Group to help CIO’s and large organization successfully manage complex technology projects, run successful... Read more

Geoff Nielson

Vice President, Product & Innovation
Geoff Nielson, VP of Product & Innovation, has been with Info-Tech Research Group since 2010. Since joining, Geoff has taken positions across the ... Read more

Bob Prevette

Vice President, Global Partnerships & Enterprise Engagements
Bob Prevette combines creative vision with performance management to propel revenue growth and sales transformation. With over 20 years’ executi... Read more

Jennifer Rozon

Vice President
Jennifer Rozon is the Vice President of McLean & Company. She manages the overall vision and strategy for research, product development, business d... Read more

William Russell

Chief Information Officer
William Russell is the Chief Information Officer at Info-Tech Research Group. William has been with Info-Tech since 2012 and has held roles as a Se... Read more

Marcel van Hulle

Senior Vice President
Marcel van Hulle, Senior Vice President with Info-Tech, brings over 30 years of international business and IT transformation know-how to his role a... Read more
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