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Design Your Cloud Operations

It’s “day two” in the cloud. Now what?

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  • Traditional IT capabilities, activities, organizational structures, and culture need to adjust to leverage the value of cloud, optimize spend, and manage risk.
  • Different stakeholders across previously separate teams rely on one another more than ever, but rules of engagement do not yet exist.

This workshop will:

  • Help your team and key stakeholders see the bigger picture of your cloud operations.
  • Build out and visualize a cloud operations organizing framework that defines cloud work and aligns it to key areas.

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Module 1: Day 1

The Purpose

Establish Context

Key Benefits Achieved

Alignment on target state

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess current cloud maturity and areas in need of improvement
  • Cloud maturity assessment
1.2 Identify the drivers for organizational redesign
  • Project drivers
1.3 Review cloud objectives and obstacles
  • Cloud challenges and objectives
1.4 Develop organization design principles
  • Organization design principles

Module 2: Day 2

The Purpose

Establish Context

Key Benefits Achieved

Understanding of cloud workstreams

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Evaluate new ways of working
2.2 Develop a workstream target statement
  • Workstream target statement
2.3 Identify cloud work
  • Cloud operations workflow diagrams

Module 3: Day 3

The Purpose

Design the Organization

Key Benefits Achieved

Visualization of the cloud operations future state

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Design a future-state cloud operations diagram
  • Future-state cloud operations diagram
3.2 Create a current-state cloud operations diagram
  • Current-state cloud operations diagram
3.3 Define success indicators
  • Success indicators

Module 4: Day 4

The Purpose

Communicate the Changes

Key Benefits Achieved

Alignment and buy-in from stakeholders

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Create a roadmap
  • Roadmap
4.2 Create a communication plan
  • Communication plan
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