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Webinar: ChatGPT: The Present and Future of Generative AI for Enterprises

If you’ve been watching the news, you know that ChatGPT — a large language model built by OpenAI — is taking the world by storm. Able to converse like a human, answer questions about a wide range of topics, and even create other novel content, including writing code, ChatGPT represents a watershed moment in the history of generative AI. But what is it, really? And is it a gimmick? Join us for a discussion where we’ll review ChatGPT’s origins, capabilities, and prospects as a tool for real work. Who knows — we may even have it write our script.

Check out our short deck about ChatGPT here.

Featured Speakers

Jack Hakimian

Senior Vice President, Workshops and Advisory Services
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Jeremy Roberts

Workshop Director, Cloud & Core Infrastructure
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Irina Sedenko

Research Director, Data & Analytics
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