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Visure Makes Requirements Accessible to All Stakeholders

Source: Visure at SoftwareReviews. Accessed December 24, 2019

In order to combat technical challenges with accessing requirements, Visure has released a new web-based interface for reviewing requirements.

The Situation

Many organizations have mature requirements management platforms. However, these platforms tend to be accessible only to the technical and product teams responsible for defining, designing, and implementing these products.

When requesting feedback on requirements, work needs to be done either to install appropriate tools for stakeholders or to move the requirements to another medium to enable collaboration. Both of these are significant bottlenecks, increase frustration, and discourage collaboration.

The Solution

Recognizing this challenge, Visure has released Web Reviewer 5.0. This enables both technical and non-technical stakeholders alike to review and approve requirements as well as test and design specifications.

Web Reviewer 5.0 enables access to requirements with only a web browser, skipping the installation and setup steps previously required. The stakeholder is presented with an easy-to-use interface, and requirements are displayed in full fidelity as the product team envisioned.

Source: Visure 5.1 & Visure Web Reviewer Webinar at Visure. Published November 20, 2019

Source: Application Lifecycle Management at SoftwareReviews. Accessed December 24, 2019

Our Take

A key part of delivering value is ensuring you are delivering the right value at the right time. Effective processes and tools for reviewing, collaborating, and signing off on requirements is a key element of successful projects and product releases.

Many organizations focus on various challenging, intense, time-consuming initiatives without remembering who their users are and what they really need. Low-friction methods to obtain feedback quickly and easily help to ensure stakeholder alignment.

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