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Trefis Analysts Pondered the Benefits of Google Buying Nutanix – and It’s Not a Bad Idea

In an article posted to the Trefis website in early September, the researchers made their case for Alphabet acquiring Nutanix for about $9 billion. They based their argument on the following key points:

  • Microsoft has had its Azure Stack available since 2016, while Amazon Web Services (AWS) has offered Outposts since late 2018.
  • Both Microsoft Azure and AWS have a partnership with VMware.
  • IBM’s Red Hat and Microsoft are in a partnership for Azure. Oracle and Microsoft have a relationship for cloud interoperability.
  • Nutanix’ ex-Chief Product Officer, Sunil Potti, is now at Google.
  • Google’s VP and CTO of Google Cloud, Brian Stevens, now has a seat on the Nutanix Board of Directors.

Our Take

Now is the time for Google Cloud to seriously consider this type of move. The following main drivers should be catalyst enough:

  • Amazon and Microsoft already have solutions in the space and have at least a two-year head start.
  • Key personnel are in place within both respective organizations – with Google’s CTO Brian Stevens and Nutanix’ Sunil Potti able to bring their perspectives to the table.

If Google Cloud wants to remain a player in the cloud market, bringing its own competitive on-premises solution to market will be critical to allowing it to at the very least maintain its own market position. If not, Google Cloud’s relevance to the IT customer will diminish and could relegate both the organization and its cloud offerings to an also-ran market position.

Source: SoftwareReviews, Google Cloud Platform, Accessed October 15, 2019

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