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Titus’ Timely Release of Illuminate 2020 Pushes Privacy Angle

In early March, Titus released Titus Illuminate 2020, which was the company’s answer to the question of analyzing data at rest. This latest version of Illuminate leverages machine learning and AI in an effort to manage data that contains potentially sensitive or high-risk personal information.

A key feature of Titus Illuminate is its ability to integrate with Titus’ Privacy Accelerator. This product was released in the fall of 2019 with the objective of helping organizations reduce risk exposure with respect to personal data, an area of heavy focus with the introduction of stringent privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA).

Enhanced data privacy functions of Illuminate’s most recent release include guidance on whether cloud or on-premises storage is a viable option for certain personal data types. The company’s introduction of Smart RegEx serves to streamline the identification of sensitive personal data’s location within the organization.

Our Take

Though aimed at assisting organizations with compliance with incumbent privacy regulations and compliance efforts, Illuminate 2020 may serve a secondary function in light of the current global pandemic. Data privacy efforts in the wake of COVID-19 have been taking a backseat as organizations scramble to protect the health and safety of employees and turn focus away from the privacy of their personal data. Organizations may be unaware of a new subset of personal data that has been collected and stored and as such may increasingly need to lean on pre-existing software solutions, such as data classification suites, in order to assist with privacy management.

While business priorities have shifted in the short term, organizations should aim to achieve longevity and maintain a certain standard when it comes to the privacy of their employees’ or clients’ personal data. The solution? Leverage the increased functionality of pre-existing software solutions, in any and all ways possible.

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