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Signed, Sealed, Celoxis

Celoxis makes resource allocation more effective by interpreting the underlying requirements of project management in an insightful way. Financial accounting and task management information is appropriately detailed, allowing users to interact with it productively.

We are assessing leading collaboration tools against four criteria that we consider critical to the future of this space. The criteria we used to assess Celoxis’ effectiveness as an enterprise tool are:

  1. Debates lead to elegant solutions.
  2. Project partitioning and allocation is efficient.
  3. Progress monitoring improves capital allocation.
  4. Risk mitigation improves project outcomes.

Source: Celoxis at SoftwareReviews, January 2019

Celoxis meets three of the above four criteria with ease. Celoxis captures the notions of risk in a manner useful to a resource manager and puts powerful monitoring tools at the user’s disposal. However, the Celoxis environment does not invite brainstorming or debate, and so it falls short on the first point.

Our Take

The criteria we set for measuring the performance of collaboration tools are designed to highlight the shortcomings of software providers that typically interpret collaboration from two main perspectives: project management and communication. Celoxis, developed from a project management perspective, expectedly does not enhance ideation; nevertheless, it thus far best meets all the criteria we have set and is our current favorite.

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