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Senhasegura: An Analysis of Their Cloud Entitlements CIEM Solution and How It Complements PAM

Company Background and Market Performance

Senhasegura, or Secure Password in Portuguese, is a Brazilian cybersecurity firm offering Privileged Access Management (PAM), Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solutions. They are recognized as a global leader in PAM by top consulting firms and clients and have been consistently rated as a leader and challenger in various reports by analysts and industry experts. Senhasegura's PAM solution is known for its ease of use, good customization, unique key analysis features, and ability to meet rigorous auditing requirements.

Some of the awards that senhasegura has received include:

  • Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice distinction for three years (two times in 2021 and in 2024).
  • Leader in the ISG Provider Lens Quadrant Report for Identity & Access Management four years in a row (2020-2024).
  • KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Leader in PAM (since 2021).
  • SoftwareReviews 2023 Emotional Footprint Champion.
  • SoftwareReviews 2023 Data Quadrant Gold Medalist.
  • SoftwareReviews 10 Top Rated Capabilities.

These accolades highlight senhasegura's position as a leading provider of PAM solutions in the cybersecurity market.

Understanding PAM and CIEM Platforms

Privileged Access Management (PAM) safeguards privileged access, not just privileged identities. Most typically, organizations leverage a PAM solution to govern credentials with elevated access to critical systems and data. It’s no surprise these accounts are prime targets for cyberattacks, and PAM solutions enforce access controls, monitor privileged activity, and rotate credentials regularly.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) focuses on cloud environments. It provides visibility and control over entitlements – permissions assigned to users and service accounts within cloud platforms. Unmanaged entitlements create security risks, and CIEM solutions help inform organizations and can discover, manage, and optimize permissions

Source: Senhasegura Analyst Briefing Deck, Cloud Entitlements (2024)

Addressing Cloud Security Challenges With Senhasegura Cloud Entitlements

Senhasegura identifies the problem of overly permissioned cloud accounts, which expands the attack surface, and their solution helps enforce least privilege and optimize entitlements. It can be challenging to manage entitlements across multiple cloud platforms and there are risks associated with misconfigurations. Senhasegura caters to multi-cloud environments like the big three and emphasizes the importance of proper configuration for optimal security. I think it’s important to note that invisibility into cloud entitlements often leads to data breaches; Ssnhasegura’s discovery and visibility tools can help by tracking entitlements and user activity.

Senhasegura Cloud Entitlements is currently offered as part of senhasegura’s Build With Us program (, which gives users worldwide the opportunity to use and evaluate the product at no cost for one year, provide feedback, engage in discussions about cybersecurity challenges, and the possibility to join senhasegura's Innovation Committee.

Source: Senhasegura Analyst Briefing Deck, Cloud Entitlements (2024)

Key Features and Differentiators of Senhasegura's Solutions

Senhasegura’s CIEM solution puts a strong focus on securing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments, a core cloud service model that helps many organizations in their journey to being cloud native. They are also actively working on extending their reach beyond IaaS and secure on-premises Active Directory deployments. A key differentiator is the ability to assign criticality levels to various security mechanisms, allowing organizations to tailor security controls to their specific needs in alignment with policy.

Senhasegura offers a unified and intuitive user interface for both PAM and CIEM functionalities, simplifying security management, and it’s designed for ease of use, promoting faster deployment and higher user adoption. All of their features are offered in the base CIEM solution, eliminating extra costs for functionalities like API queries and log storage. They also offer features like native MFA with OTP generation and work is underway on TOTP and adaptive MFA to enhance access security.

I appreciated the fact that the platform provides a central dashboard with remediation recommendations, streamlining security management as well as a view on your cloud health index to provide a single pane of glass view of an organization's cloud security posture. Something to consider, especially if you are maturing your zero-trust program, is that while the solution offers recommendations, it currently lacks auto-remediation capabilities.

In summary, these are the things I walked away with:

  • Focus on IaaS security
  • Posture management for Active Directory
  • Granular control over security mechanisms
  • Unified platform and UI for PAM and CIEM
  • Ease of use and user adoption
  • All-inclusive pricing for their CIEM solution
  • Dynamic access management and MFA
  • Centralized management and guided remediation
  • Valuable cloud health index


Senhasegura's solutions demonstrate a strong emphasis on addressing critical cloud security challenges. Their platform provides a range of essential capabilities, including a clear focus on IaaS security, posture management for on-premises Active Directory, and granular control that allows organizations to finetune security mechanisms. The unified platform for both PAM and CIEM, alongside its ease of use, promotes seamless management and user adoption. Additionally, the all-inclusive pricing model offers potential cost savings.

Source: Senhasegura Analyst Briefing Deck, Cloud Entitlements (2024)

Our Take

Senhasegura mitigates access risks and strengthens access protection with dynamic access management features and MFA capabilities and the centralized dashboard empowers administrators. The guided remediation assists in addressing security concerns with agility, while the cloud health index provides organizations with crucial insights into their cloud security posture.

These capabilities, coupled with senhasegura's positive industry recognition and strong user reviews, solidify its position as a provider of compelling cloud and on-premises security solutions. Organizations looking to enhance their security posture, streamline management processes, and optimize costs within hybrid environments should carefully consider senhasegura's offerings.

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