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Panorays Gifts Its Customers a Mixed Blessing in Access to Shared Assessments Program Questionnaire

Panorays has announced a partnership with Shared Assessments to provide Panorays customers with access to the Standard Information Standard (SIG) questionnaire. This is an innovative offering but may prove to be a mixed blessing.

In the cyber risk ratings market, Panorays may not be as well known as some of its competitors. However, the company is working to carve out a niche as an end-to-end provider of third-party risk management and not just a supplier of risk ratings. From the start, it has offered customers the ability to automate the distribution of security questionnaires to vendors.

Panorays’ partnership with Shared Assessments means that Panorays customers can now use the SIG as their preferred security questionnaire through their subscription fee. Purchasing the SIG directly from Shared Assessments currently costs US$7,000.

“The SIG questionnaire is now integrated into Panorays’ third-party supplier management platform. The platform itself eliminates the need for manual questionnaires, automates the security evaluation of the company’s cyber posture and dramatically speeds up the third-party vetting process,” explained Dov Goldman, director of risk and compliance at Panorays.

Image source: Panorays logo

Our Take

The SIG is as close to a standard for security questionnaires as they come. Panorays definitely deserves applause for giving customers access to it. The potential downside, however, is that the SIG questionnaire is notoriously large, complex, and difficult to customize. Panorays customers will need to carefully decide if taking advantage of this offering will cost them more in time than it will save in money.

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