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Microsoft Azure Synapse Starts Performance Benchmark Race With Amazon RedShift and Google BigQuery

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently announced Azure Synapse Analytics service. Nadella claimed that its service is 75 times faster than Google BigQuery and four times faster than Amazon Redshift. Interestingly this announcement was made during a very public presentation by Nadella and not via the usual technology publication. Any organization operating in the data and analytics environment understands the importance of speed. Google and Amazon have been leaders in this space.

Microsoft Azure scores quite well in SoftwareReviews’ Big Data category. Any new offerings by Azure Synapse position the vendor to lead this market even further.

Source: Microsoft Azure Big Data on SoftwareReviews, accessed December 2019.

Our Take

Sooner or later data storage and processing vendors get into performance benchmark claims and counterclaims. This has been the ongoing story between Oracle and IBM over the last few decades. Performance metrics is one type of measure that demonstrates the maturity and scalability of the underlined technology for large enterprise customers. It is often a matter of pride and demonstrates the superiority of that technology. The Microsoft CEO’s very public announcement demonstrates the commitment of the Azure platform to becoming a serious contender for customers looking for comprehensive analytics solutions.

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