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Justify Project Deliverable Value With

Intake and backlog management are two of the top reasons for failed product and feature delivery. Without a firm understanding of what is truly being asked, the value a request is intended to bring, and the organizational risks from delivering the change, IT will not be able to make confident delivery commitments and ensure benefits are realized. brings the analytical and management practices to visualize, quantify, and verify and validate the delivery of the right requirements. provides a number of key features to better understand the value projects will generate for the organization and provide data-driven insights on successful or struggling deliveries, such as:

  • Templated objective and benefits capturing tools and realization dashboards
  • Value and impact estimations of project deliverables
  • Exploration of how systems and products meet requirements through fit analysis
  • Progress tracking of product delivery through defined project steps

Compared to other requirements gathering and management tools (e.g. IBM Rational DOORS, Visure Requirements) and project management tools (e.g. Microsoft Project, Micro Focus Project Portfolio Management), offers a free basic version of its solution with premium features available at an added cost. This gives organizations the opportunity to cement good practices with this tool before fully investing into their suite.

However, does not provide key features to visualize product experiences or manage deliver progress, such as the requirements visualization (e.g. end-user process flows), Agile/iterative methodology compatibility, and end-to-end traceability of requirements through all of the artifacts in the delivery pipeline. The integration capabilities of with other product delivery and project management tools is unlcear, which is a necessary component of today’s application lifecycle management environment. In some aspects, resembles more of a project management tool with some product management capabilities than a requirements management tool.

Our Take promotes value and benefits thinking in upfront analysis before significant investments and delivery commitments are made. The out-of-the-box dashboards provide a clear and consumable interface to recognize value delivery risks. While the free version of is an attractive option, the limited requirements management and integration capabilities will require further investments in other application lifecycle management tools.

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