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Informatica Announces AI-Driven Innovations for Supporting Intelligent Enterprise Data Governance

Informatica, the enterprise cloud data management giant, announced new features and AI-driven innovations across key segments, including data governance. New advancements to its Axon Data Governance product line include intelligent automation for data governance rule generation and execution using metadata-driven AI and machine learning.

Axon is a collaboration hub for data governance programs and comes with features that support key aspects of data governance, such as:

  • Developing a collaborative business data glossary.
  • Identifying stakeholders and facilitating knowledge transfer across communities.
  • Data lineage visualization for understanding business flows and upstream and downstream dependencies and interactions.
  • Integrated data cataloging that facilitates the ease of finding data and subsequent improved time-to-insights.
  • Automated data quality, a feature that boasts the ability to generate data quality measurements based on business definitions and then measure and monitor over time.

According to Informatica, “Now, practitioners can automate the creation of data quality rules and customize how their tools match their data governance program needs. Users can increase productivity as they automate their programs and scale to the entire enterprise, supporting regulatory compliance and strategic business initiatives.”

Our Take

Data governance is a huge undertaking, but it is a necessary undertaking. The rate at which organizations are creating, capturing, ingesting, and consuming data, both structured and unstructured, shows no sign of slowing down. Furthermore, with organizations the world over, in both public and private sectors, embarking upon their unique digital transformation journeys, enterprise data governance is increasingly becoming essential for ensuring that good quality trusted data is available and accessible to fuel evolving needs, appetite, and the transformation itself.

While a successful data governance program relies on executives’ support, buy-in, and commitment, having the right players (namely data owners, data stewards, and data custodians), meticulous planning and roadmapping, and technology and tools are also important parts of the equation. Employing data governance tools and technology that are scalable and that offer a level of automation for effectively supporting tasks around data quality management, data glossary, data lineage, data ownership and stewardship, and stakeholder collaboration will undoubtedly be valuable to successfully operationalizing, managing, and sustaining the program.

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