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CipherCloud Announces Partnership With Thales to Bring Zero Trust to the Cloud

A newly announced collaboration between CipherCloud and Thales promises to enable zero trust access control for data in the cloud. This may be a compelling value proposition for companies looking for a cloud access security broker (CASB) with integrated zero trust identity management.

The integration of Thales’s SafeNet Trusted Access service into the CipherCloud CASB+ platform promises to extend adaptive authentication down to the device level for access to data across multiple cloud models. CASB products were originally developed to provide organizations with better control over what cloud services their users could access. This makes them an ideal product for extending identity management across multiple cloud systems.

Source: CipherCloud CASB+ at SoftwareReviews, Accessed January 2020

“Thales is a leader in the zero trust security framework that allows enterprises to manage access to cloud and premises apps on all devices while trusting none and which recognizes that today’s network perimeter extends well beyond the office,” said Pravin Kothari, CEO, CipherCloud. “Our collaboration helps customers implement this zero trust security framework to the cloud with the benefit of CipherCloud’s Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB), that provides end-to-end protection against unauthorized access for any application in the cloud.”

Our Take

Zero trust may seem like a marketing buzzword, but it is rapidly becoming recognized as an important architecture for securing data that has moved beyond the confines of the traditional data center. However, companies are currently struggling with selecting practical solutions to fit into their zero trust strategy. Most CASB products can integrate with multiple Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) providers, and it is often left to the end user to cobble together components from multiple vendors to meet their needs. CipherCloud’s announcement may therefore be welcome news to companies looking for a more integrated approach to cloud zero trust.

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