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Cerner Kicks Off Its First Virtual Electronic Health Record Implementation

The unprecedented pandemic and social distancing have pushed Cerner to try out new means of implementing its Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. Cerner kicked off its first attempt this month at a hospital in rural Tennessee.

  • Cerner is one of the largest healthcare software vendors in North America. They are a major player in the EHR market.
  • The remote implementation is taking place at Macon Community Hospital, a rural 25-bed critical access hospital in Tennessee.
  • This EHR project was both Cerner and the Macon Community Hospital’s first remote implementation.
  • It is worth noting that prior to the start of the implementation, the Macon Community Hospital had already been working with Cerner on testing and training for the system.
  • After kicking off the implementation process Cerner stated, “In support of this framework, Cerner has created our support strategies to align with this approach. These strategies are rapidly evolving as the pandemic progresses throughout different parts of the world as will Cerner’s efforts evolve to support client needs.”

Source: Software Reviews Cerner PowerChart Touch, 2020

Our Take

Historically, EHR has been considered a tool for large scale health networks and hospitals with hundreds of beds. In reality, 93% of small rural hospitals with less than 25 beds also report leveraging the benefits of EHR. When selecting applications, it is critical to think beyond institution size, and select the platform that best aligns with your end users’ needs.

Moreover, health care institutions need to be ready for the steps that follow a remote implementation. Info-Tech supported several members with their “Remote Go-Live”. Here are the key takeaways; Communication and sharing progress is key to inclusion, arrange for “localized” support of IT and Consultants. Finally, use iterations to accomplish work, which sets the implementation up for success, and even remember to celebrate small victories to make the process “fun”.

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