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Bomgar & BMC Team Up to Speed Trouble-Ticket Resolution

Bomgar Box, a remote-control/support appliance, enables service desks to take control over assets remotely for reasons such as maintenance or response to help calls. BMC’s Remedy Action Request System creates trouble tickets that manage business processes. Now, let’s factor in orchestration and/or automation and an integrated capability set that may address a specific scenario.

For example, in the scenario where a user has an issue, they log into the BMC portal to submit a request and the request is reviewed by an analyst. During the period of time when the analyst is evaluating the request, Bomgar automatically initiates a remote session to the user’s PC and by the time the connection is established, the analyst can either immediately connect or execute a procedure to resolve the user’s issue. This results in quicker time taken to resolve the issue, positive user experience with support services, and, if the issue happened to be a cyberattack, then the potential impact may have been lessened or avoided. Although this is a hypothetical scenario, it illustrates the benefits of two vendor solutions that are integrated versus the vendor solutions being deployed in isolation.

The article informs the audience at a high level how the new capability functions and the remote session can automatically be initiated in attended or unattended mode pending the configuration of the Bomgar software in an organization’s environment. This also provides the opportunity to leverage playbooks/runbooks for many common issue occurrences to address resource shortage and orchestration and automation initiatives where many organizations currently struggle.

Source: Channel Daily News

Our Take

Organizations must always consider these primary points when addressing IT security related concerns:

  • Budget
  • Resource limitations (lack of staff to handle volume of issues)
  • Lack of skillset or knowledge gap

The ability to resolve issues quicker (either attended or not), through orchestration and automation while leveraging the capability to execute runbooks/playbooks or scripts, will address the three aforementioned pain points. Bomgar also possesses an additional security benefit as the solution also possesses a PAM/IAM element as well, which will likely be well received from a security perspective.

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