Mature Your Privacy Operations - Security Blueprint

This blueprint will help you to operationalize your privacy program by guiding you through processes related to determining your current state, drafting documentation, assessing risks, managing sensitive data, and developing metrics.

Build a Data Privacy Program - Security Blueprint

Sell privacy to the business by speaking a language they understand. IT and InfoSec leaders need to see privacy as more than just compliance – as a driver of business efficiency.

Embed Privacy and Security Culture Within Your Organization - Security Blueprint

A strong security program and privacy framework are fundamental to successful organizations and require a proactive approach that embeds principles in the operational seams of the organization. But building a privacy and security culture extends beyond projects, controls, and metrics, and it...

Prepare to Privacy-Proof Your AI Technology

Security Solution Set

Design an AI implementation that is guided by data governance and data privacy best practices. Effective AI implementation is built on a foundation of effective data privacy principles and awareness.

Comply With the California Consumer Privacy Act

Security Solution Set

This project covers the major commonalities of GDPR and CCPA.

Ensure Your Pandemic Response Plan Is Privacy-Proof

Security Solution Set

Don't let panic negate the need for privacy best practices. Keep privacy at the core of your pandemic response plan and build a program that is time sensitive, scalable, and repeatable.

Data Privacy Program Report - Security Templates And Policies

This template outlines the operations of your organization's data privacy program by presenting specific metrics across all twelve areas of data privacy, in a digestible and business-relevant context.

Telecommunications Privacy and Security Report - Industry

Telecommunications Privacy and Security Report

Privacy Regulation Roundup - Security Note

This Privacy Regulation Roundup summarizes the latest major global privacy regulatory development, announcements, and changes. This report is updated on a monthly basis.

Privacy Metrics Determination and Tracking Tool - Security Tool

This tool will help you determine your privacy program goals and develop KPIs to measure your progress on those goals.

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