Amazon Is Offering Its Cashierless Store Technology to Other Retailers - Data & Business Intelligence Tech Note

Amazon is offering its cashierless store technology to other retailers. The technology known as “Just Walk Out” eliminates checkout lines, offering an “effortless” shopping experience and shifting store associates to “more valuable activities”.

Weighing the Price of a Data Breach: FTC Fines Facebook and Equifax in the Same Week - Security Tech Note

The US Federal Trade Commission announced both a $5-billion settlement with Facebook and a $575-million penalty against Equifax in the same week. Both were for data breaches – the Equifax case affected 147 million people, and the Facebook incident 87 million. So why is Facebook being hit with...

Newcomer Duality Technologies Runner-Up at 2019 RSAC - Security Tech Note

Duality Technologies takes home second place at this year’s RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest for its SecurePlus platform, which enables collaboration of highly sensitive data.

Will AI Create the Coronavirus Vaccine? - Data & Business Intelligence Tech Note

As the COVID-19 pandemic is shutting down whole countries, a few of you may be wondering whether AI can help create a vaccine for the virus responsible. After all, AI is magic, right?

OneTrust Launches Vendorpedia, a Combined Security and Privacy Third-Party Risk Exchange - Security Tech Note

At the 2019 RSA Conference, OneTrust announced Vendorpedia, billed as the only security and privacy third-party risk exchange. However, it will need to increase its vendor coverage quickly to create a true value proposition.

What Is Zoom in 2023? - Infrastructure & Operations Tech Note

This post provides a review of Zoom’s 2023 conference, Zoomtopia 2023. Core aspects covered include what major product releases and upgrades Zoom announced at Zoomtopia 2023, and what these announcements mean for Zoom’s market positioning in 2024.

Dutch Court Halts Use of AI for Detecting Welfare Fraud - Data & Business Intelligence Tech Note

In a landmark ruling, a Dutch court has ordered an immediate halt to the government’s use of an automated system for detection of welfare fraud.

Avoid the PIA Trap, Integrate PbD Early in Your AppDev Process - Security Tech Note

Accelerate your application’s GDPR compliance with data protection by design.

Zoho Says Surveillance Tech Is Immoral, Aligns Ideologically With Apple - CIO Tech Note

Many companies are adopting GDPR as a global standard for user privacy, but Zoho went a step further at its analyst event held in Cedar Creek, Texas, Jan. 28-30. It promised to remove all third-party trackers from its web and mobile properties, describing ad-driven business models used by...

How Will Work From Home Change Vulnerability and Patch Management for Businesses in the Future? - Security Tech Note

COVID-19 has changed a great deal about how businesses operate. From a security perspective, however, COVID-19 caught many businesses off guard. The shift from working in the office to working from home has made it difficult for security measures to keep pace. Specifically, how are businesses...

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