Proteus NextGen Data Privacy - SoftwareReviews

Market leading Proteus® GDPReady™ is the first instance of the Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™, a multi-standard privacy platform. It already supports the GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) processes on one platform and is able to include future privacy standards as they emerge. In-built templated articles provide the DPO with a ready-made suite of tools to model business processes, define what sensitive data exists and where it is, and perform multi-phase Data Privacy Impact Assessments.

Ethyca - SoftwareReviews

Ethyca builds automated data privacy infrastructure and tools for developers and privacy teams to easily build products that comply with GDPR, CCPA Privacy Regulations. Ethyca's powerful and flexible automated data privacy and protection tools provide any business with a future-proof solution to compliance with privacy regulations across global jurisdictions.

2B Advice PrIME - SoftwareReviews

Designed by privacy experts for privacy experts, 2B Advice PrIME is a web-based data privacy management software solution that consolidates all the elements of an effective privacy program into one, streamlined system. 2B Advice PrIME leads the way in cloud-based compliance and data privacy management software with a rich set of features and tools that makes managing your privacy program simple and efficient.

DataGrail - SoftwareReviews

DataGrail is the first purpose-built privacy management platform that ensures sustained compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, and more. The Privacy Platform directly integrates with more than 150 business systems, such as Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle, enabling companies to discover and map personal data in seconds--not weeks or even months.

WireWheel - SoftwareReviews

WireWheel is the privacy software platform built for privacy and technical teams. Immediately solve the most pressing challenges of GDPR and CCPA and prepare to meet evolving privacy laws around the world.

Truyo - SoftwareReviews

Truyo is the tool for mid-size to enterprise-level companies seeking to automate subject rights requests, consent, and other data privacy rights for CPRA, GDPR, and all current & emerging data privacy laws. Truyo enables end-users to exercise their data privacy rights without overburdening your workforce or your budgets. Truyo gives you true SARs, consent, and data privacy rights management automation right-sized for your organization.

Osano - SoftwareReviews

Osano, is a data privacy platform that simplifies privacy compliance by helping organizations build, manage, and scale their privacy program to increase trust, stay compliant, and do the right thing. Founded in Austin, Texas, in 2018, the fully remote data privacy management company solves for consent management, data subject rights, assessments, and vendor risk — all in one place.

CENTRL Privacy360 - SoftwareReviews

Discover, measure and mitigate data privacy risk to quickly get in compliance with the growing number of privacy regulations — from GDPR to CCPA and beyond — in a single, end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform.

Secureframe - SoftwareReviews

Secureframe is a comprehensive automated security, privacy and compliance platform, an all-in-one compliance automation platform, helping organizations get and stay compliant to the most rigorous security and privacy standards

Seqrite HawkkScan - SoftwareReviews

SEQRITE HawkkScan is a data privacy management system that enables businesses to discover, categorise, and identify sensitive information scattered throughout corporate resources and manage requests from data subjects to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. Seqrite HawkkScan delivers key data privacy management software capabilities by categorizing and marking sensitive and critical data spread across your data landscape to fulfill your business and privacy compliance standards.

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