Privacy Regulation Roundup - Security Note

This Privacy Regulation Roundup summarizes the latest major global privacy regulatory developments, announcements, and changes. This report is updated on a monthly basis.

Build a Data Privacy Program – Executive Brief - Security Note

Read this Executive Brief to understand why Info-Tech's approach to Data Privacy is unique and how applying a quantitative lens to an often qualitative subject will help you to better integrate privacy as a part of the organization's operations.

Air Canada's Temperature Testing Raises Concern for Individual Data Privacy, Explained by a Privacy Expert - Security Note

In an interview with Info-Tech analysts, privacy expert Dr. Ann Cavoukian explains why Air Canada's recent mandatory temperature check policy to screen for COVID-19 should concern passengers from a privacy perspective.

Embed Privacy and Security Culture Within Your Organization – Executive Brief - Security Note

Privacy and security are two heavy-hitting items that all organizations need to account for. Technical controls are a start, but privacy and security need to become part of the organizational culture.

Find the Right Balance Between Privacy and Security for K-12 - Small Enterprise Resources Note

Finding the right balance between security and privacy is difficult for K-12. IT is responsible for protecting faculty, staff, and students, but must do so while remaining compliant with external privacy regulations. Leverage Info-Tech's best practices to develop a security-privacy balance...

Prepare to Privacy-Proof Your AI Technology – Executive Brief - Security Note

Though often perceived as contradictory, AI and data privacy can coexist within an organization, enabling business and IT leaders to drive efficiency while maintaining compliance with governing privacy laws and regulations.

First GDPR…Now CCPA? Privacy Implications for the Retail Industry - Industry Coverage Note

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) forced many organizations to implement data privacy practices, but now the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) looms closer. What will this mean for the retail industry?

Re-Evaluating Privacy and Technology During a Pandemic - Security Note

When challenging and unprecedented situations occur, the initial reaction is born out of survival instincts. These short-term solutions often negate a calculated set of long-term considerations. In the battle against COVID-19, creation of technology and AI-driven solutions to assist in efforts...

Comply With the California Consumer Privacy Act – Executive Brief - Security Note

Read this Executive Brief to understand why it is critical to prepare for CCPA now.

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