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Manage the Internet of Things

With millions of devices coming online every day, getting value from the massive and growing Internet of Things (IoT) is a daunting task.

The massive growth in the number and variety of IoT devices will increase complexity for managing them and create new concerns. If not well managed, complexity will produce more problems than benefits.

Your Challenge

Effective management of IoT resources starts in three critical areas:

  • Prepare Your People. Get to know what roles and responsibilities are needed to manage your IoT. Learn how to identify the skills needed to manage your IoT.
  • Integrate With Your Processes. Learn how to leverage your current infrastructure and operations processes to manage IoT. Learn the role that Service Desk can plan in managing IoT.
  • Identify Standards. Identify the applications, tools, protocols, and standards needed to manage IoT.

Our Solution

  • Our IoT management primer will help you identify the extent of IT challenges and solutions around the areas of people, processes, and standards.
  • With our blueprint you will establish the starting point and direction for reaping the business benefits, value, and ROI of IoT.
  • Our plan will show you how to manage the massive scale of IoT growth in your infrastructure.
  • With our approach you will find out how to manage the risks around your IoT deployment.
  • Learn how properly managing IoT can help you grow your business with new services and products.

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Published: September 20, 2017
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