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Optimize UC to Maximize Business ROI

Get past vendor hype and technical complexity to get the most out of Unified Communications.


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  • Accenture
  • Avaya
  • City of Brampton (Ontario, Canada)
  • Entertainment One
  • Erie1 Board of Cooperative Educational Services
  • FutureCom Business Solutions
  • IBM Canada
  • Midaire LLC
  • TECO Natural Resource Group
  • Two other organizations contributed to the development of this solution set. Due to the sensitivity of the information, these organizations requested anonymity.
  • 60 professionals completed the survey, with 34 of those responses meeting the qualification criteria for inclusion in the research results (others participants were at preliminary stages in UC planning).

Your Challenge

  • With the shift to IP communications, more organizations are identifying opportunities to enhance business processes through Unified Communications (UC) technology investments.
  • IT leaders who are helping the organization develop its UC strategy must balance immediate costs and benefits against long-term objectives to ensure that the return on investment (ROI) is maximized.
  • This solution set focuses on key approaches for optimizing a UC strategy, to help you find the path to success.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • IT best understands the technologies involved in UC, but achieving maximum value from investments requires a clear focus on business requirements and objectives.
  • Executing UC projects incrementally and iteratively within the context of a broader, CEBP-focused UC strategy allows investments to be targeted for maximum immediate impact while providing a foundation for achieving further UC-based process efficiencies.

Impact and Result

  • Outline a plan to achieve immediate and long-term objectives for Communications-Enabled Business Processes through targeted investments in UC technologies.
  • Maximize the ROI for UC by front-loading benefits and building the foundation for targeting ongoing incremental technology investments.

Research & Tools

1. Detail the end goal for UC and identify specific next steps.

Develop an actionable plan to implement UC and maximize ROI.

2. Identify costs and benefits of specific UC initiatives.

Demonstrate TCO and ROI for the proposed project.

3. Accelerate approval of specific UC initiatives.

Build a business proposal using financial details and your UC strategy.

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Published: April 29, 2011
Last Revised: April 29, 2011