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Inventory and Optimize the Telecom Environment

Inventory existing assets and contracts to ensure optimal tracking.


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Your Challenge

  • Multi-site enterprises are commonly managing environments with multiple types of voice and data connectivity, usually sourced from multiple service providers.
  • Accurately assessing consolidation opportunities and effectively planning redundancy is challenging without a clear view of the existing mix of telecommunications services by location.
  • This solution set will help IT leaders perform a complete telecommunications inventory that can be used to optimize the ongoing delivery of voice and data services to the enterprise.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Organizations of all sizes will benefit from performing a telecom inventory - the activity offers benefits across multiple areas, including asset management, contract negotiation, and infrastructure capacity planning.
  • Given a lack of staff resources and financial/billing expertise, IT organizations should evaluate third party consultants that can provide inventory and expense management services on a contingency basis.

Impact and Result

  • Capture all information about telecom assets and services in a single repository that can be easily related to invoices and contracts, and provide decision makers with a consolidated view of the environment.
  • Leverage the completed inventory to identify spending aberrations and consolidation opportunities, driving significant cost savings for the organization.

Research & Tools

1. Understand the telecom inventory development process.

Identify the key drivers of a formal telecom inventory, understand the step-by-step process, and leverage the inventory to optimize the environment moving forward.

2. Develop the formal telecom inventory.

Compile and document all lines, circuits, and mobile devices in the telecom environment, associate devices with relevant monthly invoices and service contracts, and identify key opportunities for consolidation and standardization.

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