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Excel Through COVID-19 With a Focused Business Architecture

Now that the panic is over, it’s time to evaluate your business model.

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  • Business architecture, including value stream and business capability models, is the tool you need to reposition your organization for post-COVID-19 success.
  • Your business architecture model represents your strategic business components. It guides the development of all other architectures to enable new and improved business function.
  • Evaluating your current business architecture, or indeed rebuilding it, creates a foundation for facilitated discussions and target state alignment between IT and the senior C-suite.
  • New projects and initiatives during COVID-19 must evolve business architecture so that your front-line workers and your customers are supported through the resolution of the pandemic. Specifically, your projects and initiatives must be directly traced to evolving your architecture.
  • Business architecture anchors downstream architectural iterations and initiatives. Measure business capability enablement results directly from projects and initiatives using a business architecture model.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Focus on your most disruptive, game-changing innovations that have been on the backburner for some time. Here you will find the ingredients for post-pandemic success.

Impact and Result

  • Craft your business architecture model, aligned to the current climate, to refocus on your highest priority goals and increase your chances of post-COVID-19 excellence.

Research & Tools

2. Identify COVID-19 critical capabilities for your industry

If there are a handful of capabilities that your business needs to focus on right now, what are they?

3. Brainstorm COVID-19 business opportunities

Identify business opportunities.

4. Enrich capability model with COVID-19 opportunities

Enrich your capability model.

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Published: May 14, 2020
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