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Defend the Organization With a Comprehensive Data Security Program

Protect your data and avoid the costs of compliance issues, lawsuits, and lost customer and public trust.

Hackers seem to lurk around every corner, so it is crucial to protect your data and avoid the costs of compliance issues, lawsuits, and lost customer and public trust in your organization.

Your Challenge

  • The cost of the battle is nothing compared to the cost of losing the war. With a massive increase in the volume of data and complexity of systems, you need more resources than ever to protect your data. But these costs are nothing compared to what happens if a data breach occurs.
  • Know your enemy. While hackers are a major issue, most data security breaches are the result of internal problems such as employee negligence or theft.
  • The rules of war are changing – the shift to the cloud is making it difficult to protect your data. With the increased convenience and enhanced productivity of the cloud, organizations are using it primarily for their data. But this shift adds much more complexity to the security requirements, which can be difficult to maintain.

Our Solution

  • Our program helps you maintain balance by addressing key organizational data risks without blocking business.
  • Our program helps you identify the key data that you want to protect with the appropriate amount of security. We will help you to assess your data’s risk and prescribe tactics to secure it properly.
  • Our program creates an environment in the organization that raises and maintains awareness of data security practices. Your security policies are only going to be effective if they are well communicated. Use structured communication to prevent data security complacence and establish the gravity of the situation.
  • Our program helps you identify, report, and communicate data security incidents in a timely manner. Prevent bad situations from getting worse with our methodology.

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Published: March 14, 2016
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