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Create an EA Strategy to Articulate the Value Proposition of the EA Function

Maximize the likelihood of EA success by creating a strategy founded on a sponsored value proposition that communicates EA’s expected contribution to the business.


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EA can provide numerous benefits, but only an effective EA strategy will help you commit to delivering the most relevant benefits to your organization.

Your Challenge

  • Business and technology planning can no longer happen in isolation of one another. Organizations need a strategic planning function to align business and technology.
  • Increased short-term decision making and agility requires improved investment guidance. The potential for the IT budget to grow unchecked has increased. Organizations require a way to make better investment decisions.
  • The value of EA is often not understood by organizational stakeholders. Organizational stakeholders have limited input into EA’s mandate and are skeptical of its purpose.

Our Solution

  • Our program delivers a structured approach to creating an EA value proposition. The proposition is derived from an assessment of enterprise needs and an understanding of the business direction.
  • Following our methodology will help you establish the EA fundamentals necessary to guide and support the decisions and operations of the EA function.
  • Identify the necessary services that EA has to provide in order to deliver on the articulated value proposition.

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Published: November 23, 2016
Last Revised: November 23, 2016