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Academy: IT Strategy | Phase One

Identify the Target State

Academy: IT Strategy | Phase Two

Assess the Current State

Rapidly Develop a Visual IT Strategy

Create an IT strategy based on business needs, not just intuition. Furthermore, it is no longer enough to generate a text document and call it an IT strategy. Stakeholder...
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Business Value Statement Template

This template can be used to document your organization's business value drivers, along with the mission and vision of the organization.

Design an EA Strategy to Articulate the Value Proposition of the EA Function

There has been an increased emphasis on short-term decision making and agility by organizations. As a result, organizations now need a strategic planning function to make...
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IT Vision and Mission Statements Template

The vision and mission statements encapsulate the basic driving principles behind any organization. To set a clear and business-aligned strategy, it’s essential that the...
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