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For years, project and portfolio managers have made a habit of leaving project closure as an afterthought. Without proper project closing, a clear definition of DONE is rarely agreed upon or communicated, and clumsy hand-offs and backend resource leaks are frequent.

Your Challenge

  • Strict adherence to completion criteria as part of the project charter. Having a clear understanding of what makes a project complete will demand more careful consideration of requirements during planning.
  • Clearly measurable benefits that can define goals, be tracked, and identify gaps. Force your sponsor to think about and document what makes this project successful upfront, and define what that data will look like.
  • Actionable, believable, and current data that reconciles supply and demand. Trust in the status and resourcing data will lead to more efficient project closing and reallocation.

Our Solution

  • Our program helps you begin project closure during initiation and planning. If you leave closure criteria as an afterthought, you are likely to stumble through it.
  • Our approach to project closure is as a portfolio activity. Crispness around project closure is required for anyone to measure benefits attainment.
  • Our program makes project closure practical and tactical. We start with current and common issues, map out processes to find weakness, and then identify the closure points that need to be defined.
  • We will help your project team limit or even eliminate resource leaks on the back end of the project lifecycle. Lack of proper closure means project workers play a support role far longer than they would prefer to.

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