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Avoid Project Management Pitfalls

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13 companies contributed interviews towards this research. All participants requested confidentiality.

  • IT organizations seem to do everything in projects, yet fewer than 15% successfully complete all deliverables on time and on budget.
  • Project managers seem to succumb to the relentless pressure from stakeholders to deliver more, more quickly, with fewer resources, and with less support than is ideal.
  • To achieve greater likelihood that your project will stay on track, watch out for the four big pitfalls: scope creep, failure to obtain stakeholder commitment, inability to assemble a team, and failure to plan.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • While many project managers worry about proper planning as the key to project success, skilled management of the political factors around a project has a much greater impact on success.
  • Alone, combating scope creep can improve your likelihood of success by a factor of 2x.
  • A strong project sponsor will be key to fighting the inevitable battles to control scope and obtain resources.

Impact and Result

  • Take steps to avoid falling into common project pitfalls.
  • Assess which pitfalls threaten your project in its current state and take appropriate steps to avoid falling into them.
  • Avoiding pitfalls will allow you to deliver value on time and on budget, creating the perception of success in users’ and managers’ eyes.

Research & Tools

1. Learn about common PM pitfalls and the strategies to avoid them

Consistently meet project goals through enhanced PM knowledge and awareness.

2. Detect project pitfalls

Take action and mitigate a pitfall before it becomes a problem.

3. Document and report PM issues

Learn from issues encountered to help map PM strategies for future projects.

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Published: November 8, 2010
Last Revised: November 9, 2010

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