New Information Management Architecture Brings Flexibility and Confusion

Author(s): Andrea Malick

I speak with clients every day about their content management programs. Lately the discussions have been more and more about the trouble their users have understanding where they are when they access a document. They think they’re in a core content 'filing cabinet,' i.e., the content management system itself, where the files are stored, shared and managed. But in reality they’re in a separate collaboration workspace, pulling files from the file cabinet and editing them in a document staging area. In this use case, three systems are in play: the viewing interface or console, the core content store and the temporary staging area.

Welcome to the future of information management architecture, where the backend repository is separate from the user interface, making it possible for any device or app to pull from the storehouse of documents. This architecture means flexible access for the modern digital and complex workplace, but it also means sometimes feeling adrift in that workplace.

Andrea Malick, research director at Info-Tech Research Group, shares her perspective in this article:

New Information Management Architecture Brings Flexibility and Confusion

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