Meet the Financial Services and Insurance Executive Services Leadership Team

Author(s): David Tomljenovic, Ahmed Mapara, Christine West, Christine Brick, Chris Kenyon, Gene Berry, Dawn Hall

Meet Your Dedicated Financial Services and Insurance Leadership Team

The Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) industries are ever-evolving and undergoing dramatic changes due to market conditions, increased consumer and employee demands, and a rapid need for modernization to remain competitive with both incumbents and digital-first emerging players. Our global FSI team at Info-Tech is the world-renowned provider of choice for premier CIO and executive leadership, research, coaching, and mentoring services dedicated to IT leaders. Our mission is to serve as a trusted strategic advisor to enable FSI IT leaders and increase the value of their organization. Our advice improves the teaching, learning, research, student experience, and community engagement aspects of their organizations through IT best practices and research. We will ensure that our members in the global FSI sector receive exceptional value from their investment in their Info-Tech membership as they build an exponential IT mindset to embrace the changes in the FSI industry.

The global financial services industry is vast, complex, highly regulated, and ever-evolving. Market economic conditions, a need to overcome legacy technology, and skills to deliver modern digital experiences to their clients are at the forefront of the minds of IT and business executives alike.

Info-Tech’s dedicated Financial Services & Insurance research and advisory services team’s ambition is to ensure that our members receive exceptional value from their investment in their Info-Tech membership! We do that by providing material support across key IT initiatives and personal benefits in the form of professional development coaching, peer networking, and career advancement as they build an Exponential IT Mindset and achieve their digital aspirations.

Our team combines deep experience in the Financial Services & Insurance industry with exhaustive knowledge of Info-Tech’s products and services. They help you get the most out of your membership by creating a flexible plan for using our research and advisory services to deliver your key initiatives and solve the problems you face.

Christine West, Managing Partner, Financial Services and Insurance

What drives me in my role, and in life, is to empower others. Whether it is working collaboratively across teams, or directly with members, I want to see everyone achieve their personal, professional, and business outcome aspirations. Being able to engage on challenging problems, in diverse client environments, makes every day a new adventure.

FSI Executive Services Team

Gene Berry, Executive Counselor

I’m passionate about helping my clients successfully execute their technology strategy to build capabilities for their organization by using Info-Tech’s intellectual capital and my financial services experience as a CIO, operations leader, and board member.

Christine Brick, Executive Counsellor

I am passionate about helping clients build their teams, navigate change, and develop their next generation of leaders. I leverage my experience in complex organizations to guide members to see the forest through the trees, resulting in prioritized business and technology strategic outcomes.

Jody Gunderman, Sr. Executive Advisor & CFO Technical Counselor

I enjoy imparting valuable insights to IT executives and seeing them grow and excel. I strive to provide something valuable that my clients can use each time we connect on a counselor call. Knowing that they expect a practical and insightful insight when they communicate with me energizes me motivates me to do my absolute best for every client.

Dawn Hall, Executive Counsellor

I’m passionate about making a positive impact on the people I work with and the results we achieve through collaboration. I am relationship oriented and believe that servant leadership can deliver amazing results. I enjoy engaging with members from diverse organizations to help them tackle their challenges, grow as leaders, and achieve success.

Chris Kenyon, Executive Counselor

I like to focus on bringing the benefits of technology to solve business issues while managing cost and risk. I am dedicated to supporting member value through productivity, flexibility, collaboration, and innovation.

FSI Industry Research Team

David Tomljenovic, Principal Research Director

I am driven to understand complex challenges in financial services by completing in-depth research to produce comprehensive, but easy to implement, strategies to achieve exponential outcomes for members. Research coverage includes banking, wealth / institutional asset management, investment banking, private equity, and venture capital.

How we help our members succeed

The FSI Team provides practical, actionable research and advice that guides business and technology leaders on how to accelerate delivery of their key initiatives by leveraging Info-Tech’s core products.

Key Initiative Plans

In-Depth Research Centers

Comprehensive, Connected Blueprints

Actionable Diagnostic-Driven Insights

Consulting Quality Deliverables

The FSI team builds and maintains a custom, evergreen plan for how to leverage our research and advisory services to accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Provide our members with one stop for all the blueprints related to key IT practice areas and topics to help you go even deeper on initiatives that matter to you.

Leverage unlimited independent and analyst-guided access to our detailed, step-by-step guides and production-ready templates that accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Our diagnostics team produces industry benchmark backed assessments of your organization to help you to target the right initiatives and assess improvements
over time.

We do more than talk, we roll up our sleeves and create consulting quality deliverables for all our advisory, executive, concierge, workshops, and consulting services.

When you look beyond Info-Tech's mantra of better research you’ll quickly see exactly what we mean. Every publication is a practical, research-backed guide supported by actionable advice on how to overcome the challenges technology leaders face today. In a time when technology leaders cannot afford to go slow, informed decision making at speed is critical. The FSI team combines a deep knowledge of how you can leverage Info-Tech’s practical, actionable approach to research and advisory services with extensive experience as technology leaders in banking, insurance, wealth and asset management, credit unions, and private equity. Our mission is to help you rapidly make data-driven decisions backed by robust research that empowers you to deliver exceptional government services through technology.

Financial Services & Insurance Sample Research Resources

Info-Tech is well known for our practical, actionable blueprints and templates. We also have a rich body of content focused on multiple subsegments of the Financial Services & Insurance industry that will accelerate your key initiatives. Here are some examples of how you can make the most of your membership by leveraging Info-Tech’s resources to achieve their priorities:



Retail Banking Business Reference Architecture

Future of Retail Banking

Third-Party Data in Retail Banking (coming soon)

Next-Generation Customer Service in Retail Banking

Meet the Technology Demands of Modern Banking

Mainframe Modernization for Retail Banking

API Management in Retail Banking

Insurance Business Reference Architecture (coming soon)

Future of Insurance

Insurance Core Systems Modernization

Modernize Your Applications for Insurance

Gen AI Use Case Library for Insurance

Insurance Data Analytics Report

Insurance Predictive Analytics Report

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