Risk Management: How to take a targeted approach

This webinar occured on November 6, 2014

About This Webinar

During the first 15 minutes of this webinar, David will review with you key insights from a recently published piece of research, "Establish an Effective System of Internal IT Controls to Mitigate Risks."

After this, David and his invited subject-matter expert discussed our main topic "Risk Management: How to take a targeted approach."

Main Topic:
Establishing a risk management strategy can be complicated as every company has a unique risk profile that depends on organization size, industry, complexity, and culture.

Managing risk needs to be an ongoing process where the business and IT continuously collaborate to determine the optimal level of protection from risks for the organization. 

A formal strategy that prioritizes the mitigation of IT’s greatest risks will protect the business without sacrificing an excessive amount of operational efficiency.

During this webinar we discussed the following:

  • Components of a comprehensive risk management strategy.
  • Common mistakes made by IT organizations when dealing with risks.
  • Proper techniques for assessing risk severity.
  • Matching mitigation efforts with risk severity levels.
  • Strategies to ensure employees are compliant with your mitigation efforts.

This is an On-Demand webinar:

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