Vendor Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Understand the Transition to the Cloud – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to learn how you can transition your on-premises Dynamics license to the new user-based cloud model and understand the costs of the transition.

Microsoft’s Project Cortex Might Finally Make Company Wikis Useful

Microsoft’s Project Cortex is the first new service announced for its Microsoft 365 cloud service since the launch of Teams, and its aim is to use artificial intelligence...

VMO ROI Data Source Inventory and Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to compile a list of potential ROI data sources and to evaluate the strength of those sources.

IT Spend Analytics

IT spend analytics is a cornerstone or foundation to any VMO comprehension of the vendor landscape.

GitHub Is Now Free for Teams

GitHub has announced that, effective April 14, 2020, all of its core features will be free for everyone. This will include private development within organizations that...

Contract Playbook

Use this template to create a framework of preferred terms and conditions and acceptable alternate language.

Don’t Allow Software Licensing to Derail Your M&A – Phase 2: Due Diligence

This phase of the blueprint, Don’t Allow Software Licensing to Derail Your M&A, will examine the due diligence process and necessary structure that is required to assess...

Oracle's OpenWorld Takeaways Are Impressive but Leave Us Wanting More

It is no surprise that this year’s OpenWorld conference continued to focus on Oracle’s cloud efforts. We dive in to discover if Oracle is doing enough to catch up to the...

Indirect Access of SAP Systems May Cost You Millions

A recent UK court ruling in favor of SAP v. Diageo, a global drinks company, may broadly define the rules of indirect access of SAP software. Indirect access of SAP...

Design and Build an Effective Contract Lifecycle Management Process – Phase 2: Understand the Ten Stages of CLM

This phase will help you to fully understand the two phases of CLM and the ten stages that make up the entire process.
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