Cloud Security CAGI Tool

The Cloud Security CAGI Tool follows a custom framework in which an organization's cloud risk profile is analyzed to produce unique recommendations.

Cloud Security Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to help prioritize your security requirement actions and to develop an action plan.

Security Architecture Recommendation Tool

This tool guides organizations in evaluating the complexity of their IT environment, their operational maturity, and the perceived value of security architecture. It then...

Endpoint Protection TCO & ROI Comparison Calculator

Use this TCO and ROI calculator to compare costs and benefits when examining various endpoint protection solutions.

Endpoint Protection Roadmap & RACI Tool

Assign responsibilities and deadlines for the endpoint protection implementation and management process.

IDPS Financial Calculator

IDPS can range from being a costly investment to completely manageable depending on your organization. Calculate the TCO and ROI of an implementation with this tool.

IDPS Procurement Project Charter Template

Ensure proper project management and stakeholder support from the start of your project by properly planning and scoping your IDPS project.

IDPS Use-Case Fit Assessment Tool

Help the enterprise determine which use-case scenarios align with the organization's specific requirements for IDPS.

IDPS Evaluation and RFP Scoring Tool

Enterprises considering a Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS) need to comparatively score potential solutions.

IDPS Vendor Shortlist and Detailed Feature Analysis Tool

This tool allows enterprises to profile their Intrusion Detection and Prevention System requirements and generate a rank-ordered vendor shortlist from a fixed list of vendors.
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