Security Technology & Operations

RBAC Implementation Workbook

Use this tool to build a role-based access control model for your organization. This tool also provides version control and metrics tabs to assist with long-term maintenance.

IAM Task Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to document and prioritize the tasks required to complete and implement the role-based access control model.

Simplify Identity and Access Management – Phase 4: Consider an IAM Vendor

This phase of the blueprint Simplify Identity and Access Management will help you select and implement an IAM solution. Several tools are available to assist you with...

Identify Opportunities to Mature the Security Architecture

Organizations require an effective security architecture in order to connect security to the business. This blueprint demonstrates Info-Tech’s approach to evaluating the...
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Security Architecture Recommendation Tool

This tool guides organizations in evaluating the complexity of their IT environment, their operational maturity, and the perceived value of security architecture. It then...

Data Classification Standard

Use this template to thoroughly outline details of the data classification program, including classification levels, data handling requirements, and disclaimers.

Data Classification RACI Tool

Assign responsibilities to your data classification program.

Look Beyond Traditional Network Access Control

NAC has grown beyond its original purpose to become known as Security Automation and Orchestration (SA&O). The future of access control lies in individual use cases....

Design a Tabletop Exercise to Support Your Security Operation

The use of a tabletop exercise is an excellent way to test the effectiveness of an organization’s overall security program, the investment of technology controls, and the...
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Design a Tabletop Exercise to Support Your Security Operation – Executive Brief

Read our Executive Brief to understand why you should design a tabletop exercise to support your security operations to evaluate the effectiveness of your security...
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