Security Technology & Operations

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phases 1-3

Threat management has become resource-intensive, requiring continuous monitoring, collection, and analysis of significant volumes of event data. Implement a next-gen...

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phase 1: Assess Operational Requirements

Assess current prevention, detection, analysis, and response capabilities.

Security Operations Preliminary Maturity Assessment Tool

At a high level, assess your organization’s operational maturity in each of the threat collaboration environment functions. Determine whether the foundational processes...

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phase 2: Develop Maturity Initiatives

Begin developing and prioritizing gap initiatives in order to achieve the optimal state of operations.

Concept of Operations Maturity Assessment Tool

The Concept of Operations Maturity Assessment Tool will help you systematically understand your current security state. Based on Info-Tech's maturity model, evaluate the...

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phase 3: Define Operational Interdependencies

Formalize all operational initiatives by developing a sourcing strategy, measurement program, and implementation roadmap unique to your organization.

Security Operations RACI Chart & Program Plan

Assign responsibilities and develop collaborative process flows for the security operations program.

Security Operations Program Cadence Schedule Template

Formalize a monthly cadence schedule to actively collaborate both internally and externally with the necessary stakeholders.

Security Operations Collaboration Plan

The Security Operations Collaboration Plan identifies opportunities for optimization through collaboration and cross-training.

System Maintenance Policy – NIST

Use Info-Tech's Maintenance Policy to define how system maintenance procedures will operate.
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