Security Risk, Strategy & Governance

Security Compliance Process Template

Use this template to help document your information security compliance management program.

Build a Security Compliance Program – Executive Brief

Read this executive brief to understand how an information security compliance management program can be cost effective.

Build a Security Compliance Program – Phases 1-5

Read this blueprint to help build a cost-effective information security compliance management program.

Secure Your High-Risk Data

What’s the key to a data security plan that keeps breaches at bay? A multi-layered approach that covers all the bases and data sources. Comprehensive security that’s as...
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Proteus-Cyber Provides a Tactical Solution for Schrems II Stress With the Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) Tool

The recent Schrems II invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield has added a layer of difficulty for organizations that operate across borders, as they now require...

Security Cost Optimization Executive Presentation

Use this template to help communicate your cost optimization action plan.

Secure Your High-Risk Data: Phase 3 – Implement the Data Security Plan

Tie off any loose ends in your data security plan, by ensuring impacted staff are properly trained and supported. Identify and track metrics for each of the control...

Cost-Optimize Your Security Budget

This blueprint will help you rise to the challenge of a cost-optimization mandate by helping you assess how well your people, process, and technology help to lower...
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Data Security Executive Report

Focus on the key metrics your senior leadership team wants to see. Use this executive report template to show how the organization's high-risk data is being secured.

Secure Your High-Risk Data – Phases 1-3

Info-Tech’s Secure Your High-Risk Data takes a multi-faceted approach to the challenges around comprehensive data security. This research incorporates foundational...
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