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Webinar: Create a Ransomware Incident Response Plan

Don’t be the next headline. Determine your current readiness, response plan, and projects to close gaps.
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Webinar: Staff the Service Desk to Meet Demand

IT needs to implement proactive measures to reduce costs with immediate results. During this session, we will go through a tactical and strategic...
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Webinar: Build an Application Department Strategy

Traditionally, application departments are seen as pure cost centers needed only to keep the lights on. This couldn’t be further from the truth!...
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Webinar: Develop an Optimal Sports Betting Approach

With many jurisdictions throughout North America having legalized or actively pursuing legislation to legalize sports betting, many operators are...
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Webinar: Achieve Digital Resilience by Managing Digital Risk

IT, business, and innovation leaders alike must take a progressive approach to understanding digital risk within the context of their...
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Webinar: IT Service Management Selection Guide

There are many ITSM solutions on the market today, but narrowing down the list to the most appropriate for your needs is tough. The "best...
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Webinar: Create and Manage Enterprise Data Models

This webinar talks thought primary components of creating effective enterprise data models to drive business success
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Webinar: Get Started With Project Management Excellence

Sustainability of the project process should be top of mind when you are setting expectations for your staff. Your project management process...
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Webinar: Embrace Cashless in Your Casino

Better understand the impact of a virtual gaming wallet in your casino, overcome barriers and misperceptions, and understand the role of key vendors.
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