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Webinar: Tech Trends 2021: Thriving Through Disruptive Change

More disruptive change is ahead for organizations, and IT needs to be ready to support transformation. We review six tech trends for 2021 that...
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Webinar: Design Data-as-a-Service

To drive future data growth we must move toward a well-developed data marketplace and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) framework.
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Webinar: Prepare to Privacy-Proof Your AI Technology

Data privacy regulations and AI technologies might not seem like a logical pairing at first glance. However, with the right checkpoints in place,...
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Webinar: Select and Use Metrics Effectively

Avoid the common pitfalls associated with metrics by using Info-Tech's TAG approach.
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Webinar: Get Started With AI

Organizations of all kinds are turning to the power of AI technology to drive increased efficiency, engage customers, and make faster, more...
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Webinar: Build a Reporting and Analytics Strategy

Your reporting and analytics strategy must support the organization’s strategy – it provides direction and requirements for data accumulation,...
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Threat Landscape Briefing – October 2020

This monthly recording covers topics such as cyberthreat and regulatory trends, nation-states, cybercriminals and hacktivists campaigns, data...
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Webinar: Adopt Design Thinking in Your Organization

This webinar will provide guidelines for adopting design thinking within your organization. We will explore how designers think and work, how...
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Webinar: Realize the Value of Enterprise Architecture FAQ

Enterprise architecture has a critical mission in achieving the business strategy for organizations.
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