Shared Services Governance Strategy Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to pick the optimal governance model for your organizational scenario and follow the appropriate steps to get the implementation launched.

IT Customer Service Orientation Assessment Tool

A customer-oriented IT department reduces department costs, improves the quality of deliverables, and boosts the efficiency of the IT workforce. There are six core...

Decision Rights Gap Analysis Tool

This tool assists in identifying decision right gaps by performing a comparison between your organization's unique decision right allocation and the ideal situation.

Data Center Standby Power Requirements Calculator

Understanding the enterprises critical environment is the first step to right-sizing standby power equipment. Gather current and future requirements for all critical data...

Data Center Facility Budget Tool

Building a Greenfield data center is an expensive and lengthy project that can be hard to plan for. Because of its enormity, it is extremely important to accurately...

Backup Software RFP Scoring Tool

For organizations that have issued a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to evaluate backup software vendors, gathering and scoring the various responses can be difficult...

Application Integration Method Selection Tool

Use this tool to find the ideal integration method for each of the organization's integrations.

Backup Media Appropriateness Assessment Tool

Organizations engaged in a backup architecture redesign must align their architecture with business properties and requirements to minimize costs, while ensuring adequate...

ROI Calculator for Software Assurance Benefits

Each organization will have different priorities for the use of Software Assurance (SA). Use this tool to calculate the true dollar value of SA to build your business...

Global Data Center Integration Data Collection Workbook

One of the first steps in preparing for global data center integration is to gather a list of all inventories. A comprehensive inventory of applications and...
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