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Practitioner Perspectives: Machine Learning-Driven AI

​Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of machine learning-driven AI.
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Practitioner Perspectives: IoT

​Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of IoT.
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Practitioner Perspectives: Automation

Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of Automation.
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Practitioner Perspectives: GDPR

Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of GDPR.
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Practitioner Perspective: Blockchain

​Steven Berkovitz discusses the impact of blockchain.
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BlackBerry PlayBook: First Look

The PlayBook is in the unfortunate position of having a lot of potential while its competitors, or at least competitor, have already reached...
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Measuring the Economic Health of IT, Post Recession

Info-Tech's analysis of IT budgets across North America reveals a strong upward trend since 2009. Organizations are benefiting from the economic...
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The iPad 2: Apple's Magic Tablet Continues Enterprise Domination

The iPad 2 doesn't have any revolutionary new business features, but its cameras, in addition to increased comfort and speed, provide an...
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2011: Year of the Tablet

Early in 2010, Info-Tech predicted that it would be the year of the tablet. Was the prediction accurate? It was, although many vendors have not...
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