The hype leading up to the launch of the Apple iPad lead to ridiculously high expectations for the device. Some say it missed the mark in some respects, but the device lays the foundation for a new class of device that will undoubtedly find its way into the enterprise.

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Published: January 28, 2010
Last Revised: January 28, 2010


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    Graeme Boddy | 01-28-2010

    This is also true of any tablet.

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    Richard Nitzsche | 01-28-2010

    Would like to have seen WiMAX/CDMA supported in the cellular capable units...alas we're being forced to use AT&T again or worse, T-Mobile.

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    Jim Duke | 01-28-2010

    Given the low entry price it has the potential to compete succesfully with the Kindle on the low end and low end notebooks on the high end. The pricing will make it an easy decision for many in the enterprise space.

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    Rick Jones | 01-29-2010

    Lovely design and nice price, but lacks some features. Without a camera to scan UPCs, staff will have to key them in. With the requirement for an Apple to develop apps, I wonder how many companies will bother doing in-house projects for their staff.

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    Max Shvartsur | 01-29-2010

    I need sophisticated handwriting recognition. I've been walking around at work for 20 years with a pen and paper to take notes. It's time to replace the pen and paper with a tablet that works just as easily, but is searchable. I was quite disappointed to see that it wasn't part of the package.

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    Mark Heitner | 01-29-2010

    As an entry into this realm, I think Apple did a great job on the product and the price. There's definitely room for improvement, though. Like multi-tasking support, more input/output plugs (external HD?), a better grip, and more storage. Expect improvements starting in version 2. For now, version 1 is still very impressive and I'd rather own it then a netbook, hands down.

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    Mark Tauschek | 01-29-2010

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I agree with those that commented that they missed the mark on a few things (no Flash, no multitasking, no camera), but I do think we'll see at least two of those things resolved in software in relatively short order (camera will have to wait for version 2 of the hardware). Another thing I've been thinking about from an enterprise application perspective is Citrix Receiver for the iPhone. Application virtualization on a 10" screen makes this very compelling for some industries. Also, there will be a slew of these devices coming out this year, so stay tuned for a multitasking, Flash supporting, camera wielding Windows 7 multitouch tablet device (ahem...HP Slate) coming soon.

    Mitch, to your comment, handwriting recognition is a tough one, and while Apple doesn't have a native app for the iPad, guess what...there is an app for that. It's called WritePad and recognizes cursive, print, and mixed handwriting styles inputted by finger or using a capacitive touchscreen stylus like the True Touch Stylus Pen ( I can't attest to how good of a job it does, but for $1.99 in the App Store it's worth a try.

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    Sherri Keller | 01-29-2010

    My company performs field services as they relate to oil spills or any other type of hazardous material remidiation. Obviously this is not a clean job. My concern is that this device in not rugged enough for these environments. Are you aware of anything that would pretect the display from the "mess" but still allow it to be functional?

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      Info-Tech Research Group | 10-21-2011

      Sherri, there are aftermarket enclosures for the iPhone available today that provide 360 degree protection. I can assure you that there will be an aftermarket rugged enclosure available very soon that will be made for exactly your type of environment.

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    Anthony Hainsworth | 02-01-2010

    Good to have an impartial overview of the type of environments that the iPad is most likely to be used in corporate environments.

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    Andy Curley | 12-16-2010

    Ironically, I'm trying to read/view this on my iPad but cannot see the video since it's in Flash.

    I love the instant-on and the ability to look at what i need to see easily. Good enough for light input work. Definitely not a complete desktop replacement. Looking forward to next year's various models.


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