Service Management - Templates & Policies

Sample Communication Plan

This template will help clients develop a communication plan that guides stakeholders through the most important process changes they can expect as a result of the...

Service Desk Standard Operating Procedure

The service desk standard operating procedure establishes the procedures for processing service desk tickets effectively.

Knowledgebase Article Template

Use this template to create a searchable record of IT incidents that your incident management team has encountered. An accurate and comprehensive knowledgebase will allow...

Service Desk Outsourcing Strategy Template

This template will allow you to create a comprehensive outsourcing strategy for your service desk.

Service Desk Outsourcing RFP Template

This template provides guidance for creating a detailed RFP for a service desk outsourcing project.

Service Desk MSP Interview Template

This template is designed to assist you in your vendor evaluation to arrive at a final selection.

Configuration Item Record

This template will provide sufficient information about service assets to enable the service to be effectively managed, assess the impact of changes, and deal with...

New Service Concept Template

Use this template to communicate your initial ideas for a new service to stakeholders before building a comprehensive business case.

New Service Proposal Template

Preparing a formal business proposal for a new service can be a challenge for many IT leaders. Use this template to obtain formal justification to move forward given the...

Release and Development Checklist

Use this document to ensure you've made the proper considerations during planning, building and testing, and deployment of new software.
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